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Holy weekend!  We packed a lot in and we're gearing up for an even busier week as we head to nantucket on Wednesday.

Let's start with Friday, Mr. PS's birthday!  The girls and I made him his favorite strawberry cake, we started adding the chocolate covered strawberries last year which everyone seems to enjoy!
After his birthday dinner (baked chicken farm, angel hair & salad) the kids help him blow out the candles.
I was up and out to spin class on Saturday morning, then it was off for pre-Nantucket haircuts and a quick lunch stop at Aunt Carrie's in Narragansett before bringing the kids to my parents' for the weekend.  I promise that I did not eat all six clam cakes!
After getting the kids settled, we headed back north to Boston.  First stop was the Adidas Runbase for   a bib pick-up.  The B.A.A. 10K is the second race in the distance medley that I'm completing this year.  I ran their 5K back in April and will run their half marathon in October.
 We stopped for some refreshments at Bar Boulud on Boylston Street before checking into...
 XV Beacon for the evening.
The boutique hotel is modern and very well appointed!
We had a queen room that was quite spacious!
 I got my flat runner ready for the race the next day...
 and we cleaned up for dinner at Mooo next-door.
 Mr. PS and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary this week!
 We started with the Arugula Salad...
 and the Japanese Wagyu Beef Dumplings.
I opted for the Faroe Island Salmon with lava beans, English peas, asparagus, parsnip puree and Maine lobster!
 Mr. PS enjoyed the Bone-In Filet, Creamed Spinach and Whipped Potatoes.
We were pretty full do we didn't order dessert, but they brought us some homemade mallomars and good wishes!
 We may have decided to walk down to Charles Street and hit J.P. Licks!
Sunday morning I walked down Beacon Street to Boston Common where the race would start.  Had to get a shot of this beauty...
 It was 71 and sunny at the start, 10,000 of us lined up at Beacon and Charles Streets.
The temperature went up to 77 during the race with very little wind.  It was a tough 6.2 with sun beating down, I drank and dumped lots of water over my head.  I cranked it out in just under an hour, not my best 10K time, but any finish is a good finish in my opinion!
After a nice shower, we ordered breakfast!  An egg white spinach omelette and fresh fruit hit the spot!
We packed up, headed home and got ready to go see U2 at Gillette Stadium!  We had some brief showers, but the weather was beautiful for the show!
 The Lumineers opened for U2, they were fantastic!
 Ready for U2!
They opened with Sunday Bloody Sunday and played 22 songs with the encore!  It was an amazing show!
So hello Monday!  I'm off to the gym and to meet my parents and the kids for lunch today.  Then we're in full on packing mode for Nantucket, but we still need to eat so here's what's cooking this week...

Monday- Spinach Ravioli Bake
Tuesday- Meatloaf, Green Beans & Mashed Red Bliss
Wednesday- Take-out Pizza & Salad
Thursday- Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas
Friday- out @The Pearl
Saturday- Spanakopita Burgers, Greek Salad
Sunday- Crock Pot Pulled Pork, Slaw & Beans

How was your weekend?


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