Panera's Test Kitchen

Yesterday I visited one of Panera's Test Kitchens in the Boston area.  The Test Kitchen is located in a former Panera Cafe location. 
I was invited via a Panera survey and given an option of days and times that worked for me.  I chose a 12:30pm slot thinking I would be sampling some of Panera's delicious soups, salads or sandwiches!  I had a smoothie for breakfast in anticipation that I might be asked to eat more than my usual salad lunch.
When I arrived I was asked for identification and to sign a confidentiality agreement...sorry folks, no photos! Clearly this is top secret stuff!  There were 12 women there and once everyone was present we were greeted, instructed on procedures and seated.
The seating area of the cafe had been converted into small cubicles with a table, chair, iPad, bottle of water and Saltines (to cleanse the palate, of course).  We sat and I was ready to eat!  So what did we sample? COOKIES!!!  5 cookies that were so super sweet, sadly I can't tell you more than that since I don't want to violate the agreement that I signed.  I only took a bite of each so that I could answer all of their questions!  I still wanted my soup, salad or sandwich!!

I finished after about 45 minutes of tasting and answering their questions, I signed out and was rewarded with a $40 Panera gift card so I can go grab my soup, salad or sandwich now!
Thanks Panera!

Are you a fan of Panera?


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