Menu Monday and Weekend Recap

Spring had finally sprung here, the snow is almost gone and I got out for two good runs this weekend!   With a forecasted high of 70 today, it's the perfect day for the Red Sox home opener!

We celebrated Easter with my parents and my dad's birthday on Saturday.  The kids did their annual Easter Egg Hunt at my parents on the "Bunny Trail".
I think they found about 100 eggs filled with jelly beans, chocolate eggs and Kisses, and those malted Robin Eggs that I just can't resist!
Mom set a beautiful spring table with her Wedgwood Nantucket Basket and served a decadent lasagna dinner!  We brought dessert, dad's favorite key lime pie!

Yesterday Reagan and I were off to an Irish Step Feis and then a cousin's birthday party!  After a busy weekend, we're catching up today.  Here's what's cooking this week...

Monday- Red Sox Opening Day Dinner
Tuesday- Grilled Fish, Baked Sweet Potato, Green Beans
Wednesday- Soup and Grilled Cheese
Thursday- Chicken Pesto Farfalle & Salad
Friday- Buffalo Burgers & Fries

Hope you Monday is off to a good start, I'll be back tomorrow with the details of our opening day dinner!


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