Vegas, baby!

So I've never been to Las Vegas and I'm not a big gambler, but I would love to go and check out the city that we hear so much about!  And while I'm not a gambler, I am a runner and when I saw that Las Vegas is part of the Rock n' Roll Marathon Series a BRIGHT light went off...
I could run the Vegas strip at night...twice since there's a 5K option on the Saturday evening and a 10K/half-marathon/marathon option on the Sunday evening!  I love a good destination race and there's nothing like the thrill of running a city!

So now I need to devise a plan to make this all happen, it's Veteran's Day weekend so that helps a bit in that the kids have a three day weekend and JetBlue flies direct from stay tuned!

Have you been to Las Vegas?  Have you run a Rock n' Roll race?


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