Our Nantucket...continued

Last week I shared a peek at the first floor of our Nantucket condo/townhome.  I'm back with the second and third floors today.  Let's head upstairs...
 And up a few more stairs...
Our master bedroom is just large enough to fit our queen bed and nightstand.  I have a Lilly coverlet and shams that I scored on sale from Garnet Hill before we bought this place.  I swap it out for a Missoni for Target duvet and shams in the fall.
 Mr. PS and I share a dresser and are fortunate to have a nice walk-in closet!
Our master bathroom...
Next-door is our guest room, next year our oldest will use this space...
Head down the hall and you'll find the kids' and guest bathroom...
One more set of stairs to go!
I refer to the third floor as "kids kingdom", the three kids share this large space.  Not ideal, but space is at a premium on this island and we're not immune to it!
Rowan has a crib here, thankfully passed on to us by friends.  Her quilt was from our original nursery bedding circa 2001 and the little adirondack chair was a shower gift from that same year!
We had our neighbor, a cabinet maker and craftsman, make the built-in shelves around the window and build cubbies for the kids' closet which avoided having to invest in dressers.
So that's our Nantucket and we love it!  We know how fortunate we are to have this home, I am thankful for everyday that we have on this beautiful island.  It's difficult to explain if you've never been, but trust me that Nantucket is a special place...30 miles out to sea.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I love the kids' space! What a special place for all of you!!

  2. I LOVE it. Really great. Your children will have wonderful memories of this time on my favorite island. Sharing a room, although somewhat troublesome at times, make for the the best bonding opportunities!


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