Lilly After Party Sale

First and foremost I was thrilled to see how well this sale ran compared to past sales.  As far as I could tell the site didn't crash!  I got on to the site at 8:00.31am and was informed that there were 11,000+ users ahead of me in the virtual line and that my estimated wait time was an hour.  I quickly moved to the Lilly Pulitzer app on my iPhone and shopped away there without any wait time.

Here's what I grabbed...
Cruiser Button Down in White Red Right Return (love this print, I have the phone case)
Christie V-neck T-shirt Dress in Bay Blue Tusk In Sun
Short Sleeve Polo in Hotty Pink to go with a pair of Buttercup Shorts

For Reagan...
Cathy Shift Dress in Bay Blue Tusk In Sun
Michelle V-neck T-Shirt in Capri Pink
Buttercup Shorts in Multi All Nighter

For Rowan...I'm always grabbing stuff on sale for her so I really held back here.
Mini Maria Stripe Sweater

Did you shop the sale and what did you grab?


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