Midnight Madness Review

In the Pink's Nantucket Midnight Madness sale always happens the first Friday in August.  There's definitely more hype than actual deals here, but it's always fun to browse and grab a few things!

We dropped Riley off at his afternoon teen naturalist program and the girls and I headed downtown.  Reagan had about a half hour before she needed to report to theater rehearsal for an upcoming show.   

The sale started at 11:00am, we jumped in line at 1:30pm.
 Tent view...kids, accessories and check out were outside.
 Front of the line...we waited about 20 minutes to get into the store.
Unfortunately the Lilly Jeep was not part of the sale!  Ro has our goods in the bag, most items were discounted 30%-40%.  Again not huge deals, but great if you're looking for current merchandise at a discounted price!
I grabbed the Palmetto Dress in Resort White Casa Marina and the Gabby Shift in Shell Me About It for myself.
Reagan scored the Annabelle Shift in Bay Blue Yacht Sea and the Buttercup Shorts in Pop Pink Tusk In Sun, both for next summer.
Rowan loved Reagan's elephants so she insisted on a matching pair.  I honestly couldn't resist the Little Liza Shorts...shown in Pop Pink Tusk In Sun and Indigo Star Crush.  Also for next summer.
Happy Saturday, enjoy your day!  Off for a run and then beach bound!


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