Mad for Talbots Plaid

I haven't shopped Talbots in a long time, I think I went into mourning when the Massachusetts retailer shut down their children's line and closed Talbots Kids.

I still receive their catalogs and once and a while take a peek at them.  I'm glad I looked at their winter catalog, lots of cute PLAID pieces!

Talbots is offering 25% off and free shipping with your customer number on the back of your catalog.


  1. Have you been to the hingham outlet? It moved to the shipyard a few years back. It's a treasure hunt for sure. But I've found some good stuff there for CHEAP after the season.

    1. Funny, we drove by the plaza where it had been a couple of weeks ago and I figured that they closed up when they were downsizing a few years ago. Now I know it moved!! Thanks!!


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