Weekend Scenes

So our weekend didn't go exactly as planned, starting with a dead car battery on Friday.  After a lot of electrical problems with our island car this past summer, we decided to move it along and put my SUV over there.  It was loaded and ready to go, I got in and tried to start it...dead!

Knowing that my parents were on their way to the island and that I was running the half marathon there on Sunday, we had no choice but to quickly unload and reload a different car.  Perfect, except that since we were planning on leaving my SUV there we didn't have a vehicle reservation for the return trip!  Oh well...and off we went!

Saturday was a beautiful day at the annual Nantucket Conservation Foundation Cranberry Festival!
 We grabbed sandwiches from the Something Natural tent and enjoyed them on some hay bales!
 Someone loved the hayride!
The festival is held at the Milestone Cranberry Bogs and you'll actually see them working in the bogs during the festival!  The cranberries then get hauled off island and head to Ocean Spray.
 We hit 5 o'clock Mass at St. Mary's after the festival, lots of weddings on island this weekend!
We enjoyed dinner at Fifty-Six Union, a family favorite!  Mr. PS and I dined here almost twenty years ago with my parents when it was called Cranberry Cove.
 I had to have my 56 Butterscotch Brownie Sundae!  I dream about this dessert...
I was up bright and early Sunday morning to get ready for the half marathon, another beautiful day thankfully!  I was stretching out on the living room floor when I noticed water stains on the ceiling!  We had been warned, many of the condo units have had problems with pipe connections that we're done with stainless steel instead of copper.  Yup, we fell victim too!  We shut the water off and headed to the start line...

I focused on my running and the miles flew by!  Mr. PS and the kids we waiting for me just before mile 11...
 I shaved almost 3 minutes off my 2013 time for a PR in my third half marathon!
 Happy finisher!
Despite our water troubles, we enjoyed the rest of the day with lunch out downtown, a trip to Bartlett's Farm and a trip to the beach!
My parents ended up leaving a bit early and so did we. We packed up yesterday and went standby for the 5:30pm ferry, we were thrilled to make it on board especially on a three day holiday weekend!  Sea you soon Nantucket!

How was your weekend?


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