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As I mentioned, things have been busy around here, really busy!  We've had a ton of basketball games between play-offs and two tournaments, Reagan is making her final decisions about school for next year (she got into two grade 7-12 schools) and we put Chez PS on the market last weekend!

This was a bittersweet decision.  We've been here for almost 11 years and have lived a lot of life here.  We renovated the kitchen, three bathrooms, built a new deck, expanded the yard, installed a new walkway and front step and front door!  We have a great location, accessible to Providence, Boston and Cape Cod all within an hour.  I have wonderful running/walking routes all with sidewalks.  
BUT...ideally we need to be closer to Boston for Mr. PS.  After 20 years of commuting from this area and last year's winter from hell, he would like to be a bit closer.  We would also like to be closer the the big kids' grade 7-12 schools.   Truth be told, a little more space would be nice too.  Rowan became our permanent "guest" in 2012 so I would love to have a guest room again and some more closet space!!

So the new home search has begun and we think we've even found the one, but I'll hold off sharing that until we sign some paperwork.  As far as Chez PS, all of our TLC paid off, it sold right away!

I'll fill you in as the process unfolds.  I'm a little anxious given the fact that we'll be moving a busy family of five mid-school year, but we're excited to begin a new chapter!


  1. Exciting times. Hope you find a great new place and shorter commute!!!


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