What's Cooking Wednesday

Southwestern Veggie Pancakes
I promise these are delicious!  I started making them a few years ago as a "meatless" option and my family actually liked them!  They're super easy too, use whatever veggies you have on hand, Bisquick  or a basic pancake recipe omitting any sugar of course.  I like to put my veggies through the food processor to make identification more difficult!

2 cups Heart Smart Bisquick
1 cup fat free milk
1 egg or egg white
1/2 cup red onion, finely diced
1/2 cup frozen corn
1 red pepper, finely diced
1 small zucchini, shredded
1 tbsp Mexican seasoning or chili powder/cumin combo
1/2 cup shredded mild cheddar cheese

1.  Prep veggies and add to a non-stick saute pan.  Add seasoning and saute 5-7 minutes until tender.

2.  While veggies are cooking, prep pancake batter (Bisquick, milk & egg), set aside.

3.  Add sautéed veggies to pancake batter, mix well.  Add cheddar cheese to veggie/batter mix.

4.  Prepare griddle and scoop batter by 1/2 cupfuls onto the griddle.

5.  Serve with salsa, sour cream and mixed greens, if desired.

Makes 12 Veggie Pancakes, serves 4-6.


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