Fall Fitness Routine

As the kids get back into their school year routine it's time for me to get back into a regular fitness routine.  During the summer months, I squeeze exercise in wherever I can fit it.  I usually run, cycle or hit the gym early morning before the kids are up!  During the school year I can devote a bit more time to a variety of exercise activities and classes.

Here's what my fall schedule looks like...

Sunday- 3.1 mile track run for time
Monday- sports conditioning class
Tuesday- run
Wednesday- spin class
Thursday- HIIT/tabata class
Friday- barre class
Saturday- spin class

No days off?  While taking a rest day is important, I struggle with it.  Mentally, I don't do well without a daily sweat session.  As a stay at home mom, most of my day is devoted to my family (laundry, cooking, chauffeuring) and taking care of our home, if I don't take at least an hour for myself I tend to be very cranky!  I've learned that you have to do what works for you.  Same thing is true when it comes to working out,  try a variety of activities and see what works for you!


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