Menu Monday and Weekend Scenes

Happy Monday!  Everyone is off to school and I'm finally getting a chance to sit and breathe...ahhh!  What a weekend!  We packed a lot in, I really don't think we could have done anymore!

Mr. PS took the day off on Friday to help prepare for Rowan's birthday party on Saturday.  We also took a quick ride to Duxbury, MA to pick up our Pete's Fresh Fish Prints tuna tail that we purchased on Nantucket this summer.  Mr. PS hung it up as soon as we got it home on Friday and I think we both agree that it works perfectly in our kitchen dining space!
I hit spin class early on Saturday morning and Mr. PS took Reagan to her field hockey game...victory!
Party prep was in full swing by mid-morning...
Once our guests left, we relaxed and Rowan opened her gifts...the mermaid tail blanket is a hit!!  Then we all went to bed by 8:30pm!
 Reagan and I were up and on the road to Providence, RI at 8:00pm for The Color Run.
 Before the race...
 During the race...
The finish...
 Love me some race bling!
 After the race...
 In case you're not colorful enough, let's give everyone packets of color and douse each other!!
 After the additional color dust storm...
Sunglasses and a towel for the car were key accessories, keep your mouth closed in the color zone and one hot shower should take care of the rest!  Good times!

After my shower and a quick lunch, Mr. PS and I took Rowan to Ward's Berry Farm in Sharon, MA to meet up with her classmates for a pumpkin picking hayride!  The weather was pure fall perfection!
We enjoyed some leftovers for dinner last night and called it a weekend!  I'm off to the market later this morning and here's what's cooking this week...

Monday- Butternut Squash & Kale Gnocchi
Tuesday- Tacos, Mexi Rice & Romaine Salad
Wednesday- Quesadillas w/ leftovers
Thursday- Homemade Pizza & Salad
Friday- Red Sox
Saturday- Buffalo Chicken Chili
Sunday- out


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