House Update...Basement Progress

Since arriving home from Nantucket almost a month ago, I've been working hard on house organization and continuing the decorating process.  One area that I've been struggling with is the finished basement.  I knew that I did not want it to be a dumping ground for toys and old furniture, but yet we weren't looking to invest money in the space so I had to work with what we had.
We ended up dividing the large room into three entertainment space where the kids can play with the Wii or watch TV.
 A workout area...
and a workspace for the kids.
It's definitely still a work in progress.  I'm debating on creating a gallery wall, but I don't want the space to become too cluttered!  Any advice?


  1. You know living in FL, how jealous I am of your basement?!? I think it looks great. The gallery wall sounds like a good idea. Or an art gallery to display your littlest one's work?!?

    1. Oh yes, I remember those days from living in south Florida...although maybe you accumulate less junk without the extra storage??

    2. Ha ha. We have plenty of stuff. Just tucked away in other places!!


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