On November 5th, I mailed off 20 of my favorite race bibs dating back to 1998 to Bibs2Bags, a relatively young company based in Guilford, Connecticut.  Bibs2Bags can create everything from clutches to duffle bags using race bibs, they have ten styles from which to choose and countless customizable options!
John, the owner, emailed me immediately after receiving my package.  He asked me to rank my bibs in order of what was important to me before creating a design for my Marathon Tote Bag...number, event, art work, name, date.
John sent me a layout proof before he created my tote so that I could have a final say, I asked him to swap out one bib for another.  My bag arrived just before Thanksgiving, but Mr. PS confiscated it until Christmas day!
I chose the open top, Marathon Tote with a black canvas bottom and running themed liner and interior pocket.  You can send medal ribbons to be used as the handles and a medal to be used as a zipper pull.  You can also send t-shirts to personalize the interior of your bag!
The quality of the bag is amazing, it's sturdy and will clearly last a long time.  Bibs2Bags will repair your bag should you run into any problems, although they send you some extra laminate should you need to patch a rip or tear.  John will also return any unused bibs to you, I received four back.

Thanks, Bibs2Bags!


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