Happy Pi Day!

In honor of Pi day I thought I would share a few of my favorite pies...
The Goode Company Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie is deadly!  We usually receive one of these as a gift at the holidays.  I serve it warm paired with vanilla ice cream for dessert on Christmas.  The crust is so buttery and flaky, it perfectly offsets the sweetness of the pecan pie filling.  Seriously, I dream about this pie!
Pumpkin pie is so easy to make that I refuse to ever purchase one.  Riley is a huge pumpkin pie fan and is often in charge of making the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie.  My go-to recipe is Lighter Libby's Pumpkin Pie.  I think this one is perfect after a big Thanksgiving meal!
My family members consider themselves key lime pie connoisseurs.  It all started with my Dad's family trips to Florida when he was a kid.  Then when we moved to South Florida we would always order the key lime pie at different restaurants looking for that perfect one!  Joe's Stone Crab Key Lime Pie is one of the best although we've sampled some amazing varieties especially in Key West!
As much as I love chocolate, I often find myself ordering fruit based desserts when we're out.  Such was the case on Easter of 2011 in Maui when we all enjoyed the Lahaina Grill Triple Berry Pie!  This along with the "Road to Hana" are their signature desserts and possibly well worth the trip to Hawaii!
So simple yet so good!  You really can't go wrong with warm Nestle Toll House Pie and vanilla ice cream!  Again, easy to make.  You could even make one today...for Pi Day!


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