Tuesday Travels

Every city has them, those kitchy dining institutions that people flock too for some amazing local delicacy. Despite being the smallest state in the Union, Rhode Island has quite a few of these places! One being The Sandwich Hut on North Main Street in Providence, not far off I-95.

Family owned and operated since 1963, their motto is "We do not serve fancy words, eloquent phrases or baloney."

As you enter, the service counter is straight ahead.  You will immediately be distracted by their fresh Italian rolls!  Pay attention to the menu though because there's probably a line forming behind you and don't forget to grab a local Yacht Club Soda from the cooler to wash down your sandwich!
Once you place your order, find a seat in their ten table "dining room" and your order will be delivered to you.  My crew went for small shaved steak & cheese sandwiches and a large meatball sandwich all on Italian (there are other bread choices, don't bother).  My picks are their MTP (fresh mozzarella, tomato & pesto) and their eggplant!  They make their own soups daily and offer New England clam chowder on Fridays.
"Hut"made desserts are also available, if you have room and they even cater parties!  This was not our first trip to The Sandwich Hut, Mr. PS grew up nearby so we've had the inside track on this one for a long time!


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