50 Things...

I thought I would share a few things about myself today...we all have our quirks, right?

1.  I'm a left handed redhead.
2.  I'm a sun worshiping Leo.
3.  My lucky number is 3...I was born at 3:33pm and have 3 children.
4.  I love frozen yogurt.
5.  I believe any meal can be turned into a salad entree!
6.  I love kale and chick peas.
7.  I cannot be trusted with a jar of peanut or almond butter.
8.  I'm a grump if I don't workout.
9.  I'm a Lululemon (only on sale) fanatic, my groove pants from 2008 are still going strong!
10.  I would live on Nantucket year round if I could.
11.  I'm not a fan of extreme cold or long winters.
12.  I need to live near a coast, being land-locked is not an option.
13.  I believe in karma.
14.  I don't do drama.
15.  I try to do what's right and set a good example for my children.
16.  I want to show my kids the world and watch them absorb it.
17.  I'm a Lilly Lover.
18.  I can't mix silver and gold jewelry.
19.  I love being a SAHM, but I miss being a professional.
20.  I am the maid, cook and nanny.
21.  I own a pink vacuum.
22.  I'm a planner.
23.  I love a good party theme!
24.  I love visiting different baseball parks.
25.  Basketball is my favorite professional sport to watch in person...temperature controlled!
26.  I've lived in four states and been licensed to drive in three of them.
27.  I'm dying to go to Greece.
28.  I really need bunion surgery in both feet :(
29.  I have a permanent rod, plate and screws in my left wrist.
30.  I do not like being barefoot except at the beach.
31.  I have a matching obsession when it comes to clothing brands.
32.  I'm an optimist.
33.  I was a cancer caregiver for 15 months.
34.  I know how to safely disconnect and handle a chemotherapy needle from a port.
35.  I pray everyday that I never have to do #33 and #34 again!
36.  I'm tougher than I look.
37.  Coffee, wine and chocolate...enough said.
38.  I faithfully use recyclable shopping bags and give dirty looks to people who don't!
39.  I love coupons, my family mocks me for this!
40.  I believe that Reese Witherspoon should be my BFF, our kids are the same age and we drive the same car!
41.  I'm pro-happiness, life is short!
42.  In addition to kale and chick peas, I love pink lady apples!
43.  I want to learn how to sew well and do needlepoint.
44.  I'm a master multi-tasker.
45.  I'm envious of my parents' social life!
46.  People who drive across parking lots with no regard for the lines drive me nuts!
47.  I love Mexican food!
48.  I own too many bags and pairs of shoes to even count.
49.  I'm an only child.
50.  I am blessed!

Are you with me on any of these??


  1. Awesome list. You are in the wrong place considering you don't love extreme cold or long winters. I am a Leo, an only child but love being barefoot. I also miss New England!


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