2016 Running Goals

2015 was my best running year thus far.  I still maintain that you get faster as you get older!  The highlights were running three half marathons, placing first in my age division in a local 10K and setting a PR for a 5K race.

Here are the races that I completed in 2015...

March 7- Irish 5K Pawtucket, RI
March 8- Celtic 5K Worcester, MA
March 15- St. Paddy's Road Race, North Attleboro, MA
March 21- St. Pat's 5K Providence, RI
July 4- Firecracker 5K Nantucket, MA
July 11- Nantucket Conservation Foundation Race for Open Space
October 11- Nantucket Half Marathon
October 24- Foxborough Regional Charter School 10K
November 8-  Colt State Park Half Marathon Bristol, RI
November 22- Mansfield Family Turkey Trot 5K
November 26- Tiger Turkey Chase 5 miler Easton, MA
December 6- Frosty 5K Mansfield, MA
December 12- Jingle Bell Half, Atkinson, NH

And here's what I've got lined up for 2016...

February 21- Old-Fashioned 10 Miler, Foxboro, MA
March 20- United Airlines NYC Half
April 17- Levi's Presidio 10, San Francisco, CA
October 9- Nantucket Half Marathon

I'm registered for the first three, Nantucket registration isn't open yet.  I may do the Winter Warlock Half Marathon on the 17th, assuming the weather cooperates over the next week.  I won't run with snow or ice on the ground, just not worth it after experiencing orthopedic wrist surgery in 2012.

Onto my goals...

1.  Stay injury free!  At 43, it's like a symphony of aches and pains when I go for a run!

2.  Do a better job of blister prevention, they usually get me right around mile 9!

3.  Work on speed, I love distance running and have good endurance, but I would love to become faster!

4.  Utilize my new Garmin Forerunner 620 to keep track of my runs and pace.

5.  Maintain half marathon training and complete 6 half marathons this year!  I'm eyeing a few and just need to decide which best fit into our family calendar...would love to do the Disney Wine & Dine Half in November!

A bit chilly this morning (18 degrees), but off for a run this morning while the roads are clear!  Have a wonderful day!


  1. Are you using the HR monitor with your GF 620? I love that data and it's really interesting. I track runs using Strava and sync to RunKeeper using tapiriik.

  2. I specifically got the version w/o the HR monitor because I have a very low HR and really wasn't looking for it to remind me or alarm me that my HR is too low...I hear it enough at the doctor's office :)

  3. Look into the Holyoke ST. Patrick's Day Road Race. It's one of the biggest in New England, if not the entire northeast. Very ambitious schedule last year!


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