National Whipped Cream Day

I love a good theme and every once in a while I'll run with once of these "National Holidays".  I saw this morning that it was National Whipped Cream Day so I thought it would be fun to make a special dessert to top off Taco Tuesday.

After scouring Pinterest, I decide to stick with my Mexican theme and make a Tres Leches Cake with fresh whipped cream.  I settled on The Pioneer Woman's recipe...
Run to your local supermarket, buy the ingredients and make this cake!  It's unbelievably good and certainly not part of anyone's new year's resolution, but make it anyway!  Mr. PS even commented that it was better than the Tres Leches Cake he had last week at Lola 41 on Nantucket!

Hope you had a Happy National Whipped Cream Day!


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