Palm Beach Sandals Sale

Palm Beach Sandals is offering $20 off all sandals today through Saturday, 1/23 with code MYPRETTYFEET20.  This includes all classic styles ($110) and custom monogram styles ($155) as well. Shop online or in their two retail stores if you're lucky enough to be in Florida right now!


  1. Might have to pay a visit to the store!!! What color did you choose?!

  2. Ooh, have fun! Believe it or not, I can't imagine buying another pair! I have so many pairs of Bonannos and Jacks in a variety of color combos and our sandal season is so short :(

  3. I have too many pairs too and I know there is one I haven't even worn yet. I might still go take a peak. Our season is longer than yours!! Stay safe this weekend with all the snow!


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