Tuesday Musings

Lots of random thoughts and things to report today...

First, let's talk sales.  Tucker Blair is offering 25% off with the code WINTERSALE through January 26th.  I love this new anchor needlepoint hat!
CK Bradley has been back for a while now with all sorts of fun items.  I grabbed one of her pom pom hats back in December.  She's currently offering 40% off her men's swim line with the code SKINNYDIP.  Not sure how long this deal is going so take advantage now!

I"m still on the fence about running the Winter Warlock Half Marathon this Sunday.  The weather looks fine, but I have a little Posterior Tibial Tendon pain going on in my right ankle and foot that keeps acting up after I run 5-6 miles.  Apparently it's common in middle age women according to my research....thanks for the reminder! 

We'll give it some rest, ice and ibuprofen and think about some summer races!  I registered for the Mayflower Brewing Half Marathon in Plymouth, MA in June and the Nantucket Triathlon (sprint) in July!

In between race registrations, Rowan and I whipped up a batch of milk chocolate cupcakes with Lindor Truffle centers and milk chocolate frosting!  We had a bunch of "Lindt balls" leftover from Christmas so why not incorporate them into a fun dessert?

Alright, I'm off to make Philly Cheesesteaks now...


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