Nantucket Scenes

We took off for Nantucket last Monday and returned last night, our week flew by as usual!  Even in the off season it feels like there's just never enough time there.

We have a new favorite pizza place on the island, The Muse!  While I'm sure that this isn't breaking news to anyone on the island, this was our first time trying their pizza...winner, winner!  The Nantucket Red was amazing, sauceless with sundried tomatoes, spinach, garlic and mozzarella.  We'll be back for sure!
Tuesday was super rainy so we took the littlest to see Alvin and the Chipmunks, our big kids opted to stay home...their loss, it was pretty funny!
After we hit up the NHA Festival of Trees on Wednesday, we finally made it to Cisco Brewers!  This was our first trip there since last December.  Despite spending 8 weeks on the island every summer, it's hard to get there with the crowds and the fact that I usually have my trio in tow!  Mr. PS and I had a laugh after I was recognized by a former student, who then proceeded to buy me a shot...priceless!
Wednesday evening we went to one of our favorites for dinner, Lola 41.  We started with some edamame and sushi...crazy good!
 There were some entrees too and then dessert...Tres Leches Cake and Homemade Gelato!
We took the kids to the Brotherhood of Thieves for lunch on New Years Eve and then grabbed some cute decorated sugar cookies at Petticoat Row Bakery!
 We hit some sales downtown, but mostly just enjoyed the scenery...
We spent a wild New Years Eve at home making a turkey dinner!  The next day, we drove out to Eel Point (northwest point of Nantucket) and did a New Years Day beach walk!
We dined out at one of our family favorites that evening, Fusaro's, where the big kids enjoyed their tiramisu and cannoli!
 Happy 2016 from Nantucket!


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