Menu Monday and Weekend Scenes

Happy Monday!  I've got two out of school and one finishing up this week, I can't wait...the commute is killing me!

We had a small celebratory dinner for Riley on Friday night after finishing 8th grade on Thursday.  We enjoyed grilled tenderloin, baked potatoes and fresh green beans.  We started with his favorite, stuffies (stuffed clams) and of course I threw some goldfish out there for Rowan!
 We decked out the table in school colors and his uniform shirt...
And I made him the same Oreo cake that I made when he finished Kindergarten, he seemed to enjoy it just as much this time!

I ran the Mayflower Brewing Half Marathon on Sunday.  It was 75 degrees out when we started at 8:00am. The heat was tough, I may have dumped more water over my head than I actually drank and I've never seen so many people walk a half marathon!  I was so happy to finally finish...
 It was sponsored by a brewery so I suspect more beer was consumed at the finish than water!
We're all over the place this week, both Mr. PS and Riley have trips to NYC planned (separately) so I'm working around that, a graduation and a Montessori board meeting! Here's what's cooking...

Monday- Spinach, Tomato & Pepperoni Stromboli
Tuesday- Homemade Meatball Subs & Salad
Wednesday- Kids' Night Out
Thursday- TBD
Friday- out
Saturday- Grilled Chicken Salad Bar
Sunday- out for Father's Day


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