What's the Scoop Wednesday

Abbott's Frozen Custard
Needham, Massachusetts

Have you ever had frozen custard before?  We hadn't until last week when we stumbled upon Abbott's Frozen Custard in Needham Center.  Created by Arthur Abbott in 1902, custard is similar to ice cream, but with more eggs in the recipe.  He opened his first shop in 1926 and began to franchise Abbott's in 1981. There are currently 36 retail outlets, mostly located in New York.
Vanilla, chocolate and chocolate almond are their standard flavors and then they have additional offerings that change.  Coffee, fresh strawberry, caramel, fudge Oreo cheesecake and peanut butter crunch yogurt were among the additions the evening we visited.

Reagan ordered a single cup of fresh strawberry custard.  It was a generous portion, they also offer a kiddie scoop and a double scoop.
I tried the coffee custard, so smooth and creamy!  The coffee flavor was intense and I was wide awake afterwards!
 Rowan had a kiddie cup of vanilla custard with rainbow sprinkles...
 apparently it was okay!
Abbott's also offers sundaes, milkshakes, floats, flurries, novelties, cakes, pies and pints to take home.  You really can't go wrong here.  The girls and I are debating whether or not to share this find with the guys or keep it to ourselves!


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