Fall/Winter Fitness Routine (revised)

Happy Friday! I posted my fall fitness routine here back in September, but I have definitely tweaked it a bit since then so I thought I would come back and share my new and improved routine!

We're heading into cooler temps and less than ideal running conditions here in New England and since running is already on the back burner, it's not on my weekly schedule.  Weather permitting, I will squeeze in running 3-5 miles once a week in place of something else...

Monday- Cardio (45-60 minutes)
Tuesday- HIIT Boot Camp (1 hour)
Wednesday- Spin (1 Hour)
Thursday- Total Body Conditioning (45 minutes), Cardio (30 minutes)
Friday- Barre (1 hour), Cardio (30 Minutes)
Saturday- Spin (1 hour)
Sunday- Barre (1 hour)

What does your fitness routine look like?


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