What's Cooking Wednesday

New Tile Backsplash!

Our builder installed a granite backsplash in our kitchen rather than tiling it, obviously a cost saving move. We knew that we wanted to install tile as soon as we looked at the house, but it's one project at a time around here.
We had a sheet of stainless steel behind the cooktop, it was not easy to remove since it was anchored in the granite backsplash.  It took part of the wall with it so the wall had to be patched before tiled.
We picked out gray 3"x6" glass tiles last August, but it literally took until last Friday to have them installed...
and they were finally grouted on Monday!
We love the finished product and we're so thankful it's finally done.  Still waiting on my stairwell runner though, the binding machine is broken!!  Also picked out in August!


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