Five for Friday (Online Resale and Consignment)

1.  Match My Monogram

Match My Monogram is an online consignment boutique specializing in personalized clothing and accessories.  You can search by three letter monogram, name or initial.  It's an ideal way to unload those monogrammed items that your children have outgrown!  Sign up for an account and they'll send you a postage paid mailing bag.  Fill out their inventory sheet and put it in the bag with the items and your on your way to making some money.  This is a consignment set-up so you only earn if your items sell.  You can see some of my items here.

2.  thredUP

thredUP is an online resale boutique specializing in women's clothing (including maternity), shoes and bags as well as children's clothing and accessories.  I first heard about this one over at and decided to give it a try since I had some nice maternity items that I wanted to move along.  Similar to Match My Monogram, thredUP will send you a postage paid mailing bag.  Fill it up, they will go through it and email you a payout amount.  You can either use that as credit to purchase items from them or opt for a PayPal payout.

3.  Moxie Jean 

Moxie Jean touts themselves as "upscale resale" online boutique with a "designer room" section to shop from.  They specialize in children's resale and operate very similar to thredUP, however, I will say that I've found them to be a bit pickier in what they accept.  They found spots on some of my items that I thought were pristine.  Like the first two, they will send you a postage paid mailer.  They will go through the items and send you an email with two payout amounts, the first amount which is 25% higher can be used as credit at Moxie Jean, the second amount is if you opt for a direct payout which is then mailed to you.

4.  TheRealReal

The RealReal is an online luxury consignment boutique.  If your looking to sell (or purchase pre-owned) designer clothing, fine jewelry and watches, or ART this is the place.  All items are authenticated by their "luxury experts".  You can request a consignment kit which includes free FedEx pick-up or if you're lucky to live in one of the 16 cities where they offer "white glove" service, someone will come to you, review your items and take them.  According to TheRealReal, most items sell quickly.  This site is definitely fun to browse!

5.  Shop-Hers

Shop-Hers is another high-end online consignment boutique for women's clothing, shoes and accessories. The seller creates their own listings and sets their own price, creating their own "shop".  When an item sells, the seller mails it to Shop-Hers where it is inspected and then mailed off to the buyer.

If you're considering using any of these sites, you obviously want to review their terms of use very carefully. While I have used Match My Monogram, thredUP and Moxie Jean, I cannot vouch for TheRealReal or Shop-Hers.

Have a great weeekend!  We're looking forward to an amazing event tomorrow called Cycle for Survival, I'll tell you all about it next week!


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