Thinking Summer

Believe it or not once February rolls around I really do start thinking about summer.  Not just because I'm longing for warmer temps or because retailers start rolling out shorts and bathing suits, but more because summer activity registrations start opening up.

2015 will mark our fourth summer on Nantucket, we started out renting a house for week, then two weeks and eventually realized that we may as well just pay a monthly mortgage.  While Islanders refer to us as "summer people", I like to think we are winter, spring, summer and fall people.  We love to go year round, I especially enjoy the beauty of the Island off-season and of course the lack of crowds!

What I love most about summers on Nantucket is the variety of activities it affords us as a family and specifically our children...
     Surf School
Friday Tie-Dye at Children's Beach

Summer 2015 is shaping up to be our best yet!  The bigs kids are both registered for junior golf.  Riley is registered for a teen naturalist program that will eventually allow him to volunteer with the Maria Mitchell Association, he's also taking a one week sailing course after loving it at Boy Scout camp last year.  Reagan will be involved with a summer-long production of Shrek the Musical and will hopefully weave her second lightship basket.  Rowan will be my co-pilot as we shuttle the big kids around the Island!  Actually we hope to take advantage of some of the toddler programming at the Atheneum and the Nantucket Conservation Foundation FIELD Days.

In between all of these scheduled activities, we'll hit the beach, pool and bike paths!  We're also looking forward to catching up with the Tickled Pink Talk crew, without whom we would not know about many of these activities!

So the countdown is on, we'll be ACK-bound in just 4 months, hopefully the snow will be gone by then!  Are you making summer plans yet?


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