For the Love of Ladurée

A Ladurée email featuring these Pucci Gift Boxes filled with Lemon Rose Macarons caught my eye...

Some of their other pastries look délicieux aussi...
Praline Millefeuille

Passionfruit & Raspberry Tart

Rose & Raspberry Religieuse

Chocolate Carre

Lemon Tart

And now I'm dreaming of Paris and Ladurée where the kind gentleman helping us gave my children macarons because he was so thrilled to hear them order in French!  They ate them up right after they said, Merci!

We saved a few for a Louvre power snack!

We clearly need to return since the Champs Élysées house was undergoing a massive renovation while we were visiting in 2012...

And of course because Paris is always a good idea!

Bon Weekend!


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