Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  I love the food of course, but I really love that it brings together family and friends to simply give thanks.

We are a thankful bunch here at Chez PS.  Gratitude took on a whole new meaning for us when Mr. PS was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer three years ago this week.

We are thankful his doctors found it and that he had access to some of the best medical care in the world. We are thankful to the countless doctors and nurses that got him through 15 months of treatments and surgeries. We are thankful for the love and support of our families and friends who's prayers uplifted us. We are especially thankful for this little girl and her well timed arrival, 9 weeks before her dad was diagnosed. Finally, we are thankful for every healthy day almost two years later.
While we gathered last Thursday to give thanks, really everyday is Thanksgiving here!  I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving too!


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