Tuesday Musings

The Jack Rogers BlackFriday sale starts today.  You can check it out here, including my favorite the Safari Capri Sandal in Leopard.
Palm Beach Sandals is offering 25% off up to two pairs of sandals with code PBSWILD this Friday only.  I only own Bonannos and Jacks so I can't speak for the quality.

I'm all for the Black Friday sale and once upon a time in high school and college I loved working retail on Black Friday, but I really don't understand why retailers need to open on Thanksgiving.  Walmart is open all day on Thanksgiving, Target and Macy's are opening at 6pm and I'm sure there are others.   I'm really bothered by this, at what point do we as a society recognize that this is wrong? Thanksgiving is a day to be with family and friends and be thankful for all that we have.

And don't even get me going on the Presidential election...I'm just hoping a good candidate pops out of the woodwork soon because at this point I'm considering a move to the UK!

On a lighter note, we're looking forward to attending a wedding in Newport, RI this weekend.  I decided to add a couple of new dresses to collection.  I really try to avoid "occasion shopping" by keeping a nice selection of classic dresses that can by styled differently based on the event and season.  I went a little out of my comfort zone on this one, but I'm glad I did!  It fits perfectly and really looks stunning!  It's a bit longer on me since there wasn't a petite option.
I tried it on with this pair of Pour La Victoire Angelie Patent Pumps and I think it's a winner!

Finally, the Patriots are still undefeated and I'll be enjoying my free Dunkin coffee today as a result, thanks guys!  Here's my favorite little Pats fan...
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Palm beach sandals fit like Bonannos. I luckily can wear mine year round.
    We have the same idea about the presidential race. My husband threatens to move out of the country too. Lol
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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