Piling on the Miles...UPDATE

I joined Run Eat Repeat's Piling on the Miles online challenge for the month of November and I've checked in on her blog a few times, but thought I would share my progress.

My goal is to run 100 miles, so here's what I've been up to...

November 1- ran 7 miles
November 2- elliptical (30 minutes), treadmill (30 minutes, walked 2 miles), strength
November 3- ran 8 miles
November 4- ran 9 miles
November 5- elliptical (47 minutes), strength
November 6- spin class (13 miles)
November 7- ran 5 miles
November 8- half-marathon 13.1 miles
November 9- spin class (13 miles)
November 10- elliptical (47 minutes, strength)

I'm only counting my running miles so I'm up to 42 miles for November.  Hoping to get back out on the road tomorrow, waiting on a few blisters from Sunday!

Are you a fitness nut?


  1. What do you use for fitness tracking? Fitbit, Garmin, etc.? Do you use RunKeeper, Strava, etc.,?

    1. I purchased a Fitbit flex in January of 2014, unfortunately I haven't had much luck with the trackers. Despite following their cleaning and resetting instructions, I've had to ask them to replace the tracker twice...and it's dead again. So right now I'm not using anything. As far as my mileage goes, I have a few established running routes that I already know the mileage. I don't usually track my mileage, just doing it for this challenge.

      Any recommendations for a new fitness tacker?


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