Daily Life

While no two days are ever the same around Chez PS, I thought I would share a peek at my daily life with you.  So here's how things rolled yesterday...

5:15am- Alarm clock sounds, change into running clothes, head downstairs to make sure breakfast counter is set up for Riley and pack his lunch.

5:30am- Stretch out and head out for a 5 miler.

6:30am- Back from run...
6:45am- Mr. PS and Riley are off to the train.  I enjoy fruit, Greek yogurt topped with homemade pumpkin spice granola and coffee while checking email and online sales :)
7:30am- Get girls up and ready, prep their breakfasts.

8:15am- Drop Reagan off at school, return home, clean up a bit and head out to YMCA for Rowan's swim class.

9:30am- Swim class is over, get Rowan showered and dressed.
10:00am- Return home, get laundry going, give Rowan a snack.  Time for me to get cleaned up!

11:00am- Off to the supermarket, I prefer to shop on Mondays...so much quieter!
12:00pm- Return home, unload groceries, continue laundry, prep Rowan's lunch and mine too!

1:00pm- Go through mail and open a package, part of Mr. PS's Father's Day gift arrived!
1:30pm- Put Rowan down for a nap, do more laundry, make a cup of tea, check email and finish a blog post.
2:35pm- Reagan arrives home, prep after school snacks.

2:45pm- Radon system service call.

3:30pm- Run to Target for a few things...
4:15pm- Rowan's up, snack time, finish laundry.

4:45pm- Prep a lasagna for the staff appreciation luncheon at Riley's school.
5:30pm- Prep our dinner.

6:30pm- Mr. PS arrives home, eat dinner, clean up, he heads out to a Boy Scout committee meeting.

7:00pm- Fold laundry, check email, have dessert and watch a little television with the kids.

8:00pm- Read with Rowan, Mr. PS arrives home, Rowan goes down for the night.

9:00pm- Unload dishwasher and collapse!

Never a dull moment...highlight was watching Rowan at swim class, she loves it!  Lowlight...laundry, laundry, laundry!


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