What's the Scoop Wednesday

We visited Bubbling Brook for lunch and ice cream on Memorial Day.  We've been there before and we even included it in a "What's the Scoop" back in 2009, but it's worth revisiting!

Bubbling Brook has been in operation since 1951 and draws a crowd from far and wide with their location on Route 109 in Westwood, Massachusetts.  They have a small eat-in dining room that serves sandwiches, fried seafood and other casual fare, but most come for their ice cream!
Their soft serve is so popular that it has its own service window...
I prefer the hard serve.  Bubbling Brook offers two sizes, small and a very generous large!  Sundaes are also available in two sizes, junior and regular.  Unfortunately, no one wanted to try the Brook Buster with me!
Riley ordered the Peanut Butter Oreo which was a peanut butter base with chunks of Oreo.  Mr. PS went with the Chocolate Peanut Butter which had a chocolate base, a ripple of peanut butter and chocolate chunks.  I ordered my usual Black Raspberry Chip yogurt which was very creamy, but could have had a few more chocolate chunks!
 Reagan and Rowan enjoyed the soft serve!
There are lots of picnic tables out back near the bubbling brook to sit and enjoy your ice cream!
We'll be scouting out some new homemade ice cream destinations in the coming weeks, I'm so lucky to have willing participants!


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