Mr. Golden Sun

We love the sun, but it's so important to protect yourself and your children from the sun's harmful rays!  We spend a lot of time outdoors during the summer months, sunscreen, rash guards and hats have become routine.  Whether we're bike riding, off to the golf course, pool or beach, the kids know that they need to protect themselves.

Here are a few of our favorite products for both adults and kids...
Lots of fun patterns and solids available for newborns-4 years
Catalina Cotton Sun Hat

In addition to taking extra precaution when we're planning on being outdoors, I use both face and body lotion products with SPF daily.  I also visit my dermatologist for a yearly skin check and keep close watch of the kids looking for any changes or suspicious spots. 

Not a happy topic, but an important one especially going into summer.  For more information on skin cancer click here.


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