What's the Scoop Wednesday

Rancatore's is a homemade ice cream and yogurt shop with locations in Belmont (the original), Newton and Lexington.  We stopped into the Lexington location this past Sunday.
Ranc's offers four sizes starting with their "micro".  We ordered smalls which were generously packed.  I found their signage and overall appearance to be a bit haphazard, the handwritten flavors and notes all over the place drove me nuts!
They offer some fun flavors...Mr. PS tried Razzmatazz which was a light chocolate base with raspberry filled chocolate balls, delicious!  Reagan tried Phat Kat which had a vanilla base and broken up Kit-Kats.
Riley went with a basic Cookie Dough and Rowan had a micro cup of Strawberry.  I tried the Mocha Chip Yogurt.  The mocha flavor was outstanding and the dark chocolate chunks were plentiful, but the consistency was definitely that of yogurt.
Pints, ice cream sandwiches and cakes are all available for take-out and there is plenty of indoor seating. Ranc's in Lexington is located on scenic Main Street with plenty of outdoor spots to sit and relax.
Phat Kat close up...
I think homemade ice cream is always worth a stop.  Ranc's has been in business since 1985 so they must be doing something right!


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