What's the Scoop Wednesday

We checked out Katie's Ice Cream on Main Street in Hyannis last Friday night on our way to the Nantucket ferry.  Katie's has been churning homemade ice cream since 2002, I'm not sure how this cute pink ice cream parlor hasn't been on my radar before...it's a gem!
Katie's has plenty of outdoor deck seating and tables inside as well.  We were immediately greeted by a scooper (she ducked my photo).  Katie's offers three sizes, one scoop for $3.75, two scoops for $4.50 and three scoops for $5.25.  Waffle bowls and cones cost an additional dollar.  Sundaes are also an option!
The award winning flavor offerings change, but their "Cape Cod Mud" and "Cape Cod Sand" (secret recipe) are staples.
Ready to try Katie's ice cream!  Rowan is digging into Cape Cod Sand, Riley ordered Cape Cod Mud, Reagan is trying Batch #353 (deconstructed fried ice cream) and I love my Red Raspberry Chip Yogurt!
 We love having a new taste tester!
Of course we all had to "help" Rowan with her Cape Cod Sand and try to figure out what was in it.  I would describe it as a salted caramel base with toffee or Heath Bar bits...so creamy and delicious!  I loved my Red Raspberry Chip Yogurt, it wasn't overly sweet, the raspberry flavor was very natural.  Riley devoured his Cape Cod Mud and Reagan didn't love her Batch #353...she thought the "fried ice cream" bits were soggy.  Sounds like we'll need to return and try another flavor!


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