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I thought I would share a few of my favorite television shows lately.  I don't watch a lot of television, but I do have a few must-see programs.

Mr. PS and I got hooked on The Blacklist at the end of its first season.  It's so addictive and let's face it I still love James Spader from Pretty In Pink!  Tomorrow night is the season 2 finale, but you can catch up on the series On Demand.

Modern Family is another favorite in our house, it usually leaves us laughing out loud.  I adore Manny and his guayaberas!

We started watching Black-ish because it follows Modern Family and we were instantly amused.  This show is hysterical, I hope it gets picked up for another season.

Maybe I'm just fascinated by southerners, I can't help but watch Southern Charm.  It makes me want to move to Charleston or to a plantation!  My favorite character is Whitney's mother, Patricia, whose butler was hired based on his martini making skills!

I've been following the Duggar Family since they first appeared in television specials prior to their series, 19 Kids and Counting.  They truly fascinate me, when I feel overwhelmed by my three kids I think of them! Whether you agree with their views or not, you can't help but respect their commitment to family values. 

So many people aspire to do this, but few ever do.  We love watching people escape the rat race and opt for Caribbean Life on HGTV.  We think it's a great way to scout vacation spots too!

I can watch about five minutes of the Real Housewives (any edition) before I have to change the channel, but I admit that I'm excited for the return of Ladies of London!

What are your must-see TV shows?


  1. My two new favorites have been "Below Deck" on Bravo, and binge watching Netflix "Call the Midwife".


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