Things I'm Loving Thursday

Realeased October 1st for the 2016 holiday season, these colors are available at  Of course, the color of Tiffany's signature blue box is available, it's called I Believe in Manicures!

I loved my Bass penny loafers and these bring me right back to high school and college!  They're available in 13 colors, even a Tiffany blue!  $20 off with code TREAT right now or enter code TWENTY for 20% off through 12/25.

I lust after her custom monogrammed sunhats all summer and her monogrammed capes all fall!  It's best not to discuss the price :)

Handstamped on vintage spoons, these may be making an appearance in my family's Christmas stockings!

Love this coat in sorbet ivory, the only color it comes in!  Currently 30% off with code SALETREAT through 10/31


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