My Resolution

I'm generally don't support making new year's resolutions only because I don't think the calendar should dictate when we choose to make a positive change in our life.  With that said, I do think that the beginning of the calendar year is a great time to refresh, renew and re-evaluate our lives.

So in that spirit I decided to step on the scale yesterday morning.  I use to weigh myself daily, but got out of the habit about a year ago.  I wasn't shocked by the number, I knew my weight had been creeping up over the past eighteen months, it was more that the number was right there staring at me, I couldn't deny it.  I'm currently 8-10 pounds over my happy weight.  My "happy weight" is a 4-5 pound range that I try to stick to and was able to stick to over several years, even after having my third child.  Now some, including Mr. PS, might think, 8-10 pounds? Big deal!  Well at 5'2", 8-10 pounds is the difference between your jeans buttoning or not!

When I started running more in the fall of 2015, I started eating a bit more and perhaps relaxed a bit on my usual fairly strict diet.  This isn't a bad thing and I'm quite sure that the scale is showing some muscle gain as I have increased my strength training as well!  I work out seven days a week so it's not a lack of activity. At this point, I need to re-evaluate some of my food choices and habits.

I'm a healthy eater, I'll go for the protein topped salad over the burger any day.  Oreos and potato chips don't interest me, I've even cut out my daily fro-yo fix lately!  I believe most of my problem is lack of portion control.  I love to eat and sometimes I can't resist that second or third helping at dinner...I use the "hey, I was good all day, I deserve it" mentality.  I also need to look at my snack choices.  I LOVE almond butter!  I mix it with plain non-fat Greek yogurt and use it as a dip for apples, but I probably shouldn't be having another spoonful of it as I make my dip.  Same is true for tortilla chips, a couple crushed up on my salad is fine, not half the bag.

Of course the holiday season probably didn't help my situation either.  There were lots of holiday festivities and treats around Chez PS.  So where does this leave me?  Recommitting to a healthy lifestyle and healthy choices in 2017.  This is a daily battle whether you're trying to lose 10 pounds or 40 pounds.  The best approach for me is to stop and think about food before I eat it and ask I hungry?  Is this the best choice to nourish my body?  Will I regret eating this later?

I will plan to check in and share my progress on the blog each Tuesday...I know you're excited!

Did you make a resolution?  If so, what is it?


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