Resolution Update

Last Tuesday I shared my 2017 resolution here, to recommit to a healthy lifestyle and healthy choices in an effort to shed 8-10 pounds.  I also promised to come back each week to share my progress...

So I'm happy to report that I'm down exactly 3 pounds.  I'm pretty sure that was holiday weight since it came off quickly, but I suspect losing more won't be easy!  As I mentioned last week, this effort is entirely focused on healthy eating habits and choices.  My workout schedule is full so I have that piece covered.

Overall I think I made some healthier snack choices this past week, but I still find myself craving crunchy snacks such as Goldfish, Snap Peas Crisps, crackers and tortilla chips.  I always have fruit and veggies in the house so I just need to keep redirecting myself to the refrigerator instead of the pantry!

I also tried to keep my dinner portions in check.  I did not go back for seconds and I think that helped too.

Dessert is another challenge for me, I love a little sweet treat after dinner.  The trick is to keep it to a small sweet treat like a couple of dark chocolate squares or a biscotti with a cup of tea.

I look forward to checking in again next week, hopefully with more progress!

Are you sticking to your resolution?


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